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Repossession and Recovery Services

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Our Services

Repossession Services

The Repo Company provides full-service repossession and collateral recovery services to financial and lending institutions, as well as vehicle dealerships and private parties. Our recovery service includes, but is not limited to the collateral identified below:

Automobiles & Trucks


Boats & Watercraft

Vehicle Trailers

All Terrain & Off-Road Vehicles

Recreational Vehicles


Campers & Camping Trailers*

Farm Equipment*

Construction Equipment*

Heavy Machinery*

Tractor Trailers*

(*oversized equipment at additional fees)

Involuntary Repossession:

Service includes recovery of collateral based on information provided by client; including detailed updates as appropriate. 

*Oversized Equipment Repossession:

Service includes recovery of collateral based on information provided by client; detailed updates, and comprehensive condition reports, and appropriate digital images on all recovered collateral.

Voluntary / Surrender Repossessions:

We will attempt to establish contact with the party in possession and arrange for pick-up, within 72 hours.  

Impound Services w/Fees Due:

Agent will contact facility and determine fees owed and if needed, what release may be required from local law enforcement agency, Upon receipt of proper documents and ACH for fees owed, Agent will secure unit. We may pay upfront release/impound fees (< $1000.00), and secure release of unit.

Contact / Field Call (in lieu of Repossession):

Field Agents will contact the debtor and facilitate contact with finance company, per client request.

Inspection/ Photographs:

Field Agents will conduct a service call at a given address within our coverage area, include a completed comprehensive condition report and up to 10 digital photographs of collateral.

Vehicle Storage:

All recovered collateral is safely stored at our 5,000 sq.ft. indoor facility. Legal owners are provided a standard 10 days free storage to arrange transportation for re-marketed collateral. Registered owners & debtors redeeming recovered vehicles are charged a redemption fee and a standard daily storage fee, approved by the legal owner. These fees are collected from the party redeeming unit at time of release.

Transportation: Fair costs for delivery of collateral to designated So Cal auctions. We have established relationships with local companies in order to serve your needs. For California >AUCTIONS<<< Click Here!

CIosing / Resolutions:

Field Agents conduct recovery activities to locate and secure your collateral. In some cases the consumer cures the account subsequent to agent contact. Accounts resolved, in lieu of repossession, through efforts of The Repo Company may be billed a Resolution Fee. Closing fees are not charged on all serviced accounts, unless established prior to placement. We do not bill for unearned fees.

Note: Included with recovery of standard unit; 10 days, telephonic report to law enforcement, written notice of seizure mailed to consumer; complete comprehensive condition report, digital images of unit. Additional fees for storage, keys, or transportation may be billed on separate invoice. All fees shall be considered owed upon completion of the service requested.


"The Repo Company comes through everytime" -Ken, Best Buy Auto Sales

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